What is LAMAR?

LAMAR is a range of large format porcelain slabs available in the exclusive size of 320cm x 80cm. Porcelain slabs are one of the best surfaces currently available for dressing up your countertops, walls and other spaces. The design range from LAMAR resembles natural marble and adds an elegant look to your living areas

Porcelain slabs are made from fine clay and minerals, fired in a kiln at temperatures reaching 1000 °C. Owing to the high temperatures and their composition, these slabs have a negligible water absorption rate and are heat and UV resistant.



High temperatures, heat and prolonged sunlight exposure do not have any discoloration effect on LAMAR slabs.


LAMAR has incredible strength and impact resistance. MOR (Modulus of Rupture) is min 40N/mm2 (Granite is 13.8N/m2).

Chemical Resistance

LAMAR surfaces are resistant to acids and alkali solutions, including lemon, vinegar and household cleaning solutions

Water Resistance

One of the reasons why LAMAR slabs are low maintenance, is because of their negligible water absorption, which allows them to be naturally hygienic and anti-bacterial

Frost Resistant

On account of its low water absorption rate and porosity, LAMAR slabs withstand freeze/thaw conditions with minimal to zero effect. As a result it can be used in areas that experience below zero temperatures.

Stain Resistant

As LAMAR slabs have very low porosity, liquids and chemicals like bleach, hydrochloric acid and other cleaning agents do not penetrate the surface. They do not dull from spills (even from vinegar/lemon juice) and can be cleaned easily by wiping.