If you’re designing or remodelling a space, you cannot afford to overlook your wall decor. It is the statement that finishes a room, adding that last bit of cohesiveness that ties it all together.
We understand how much a wall adds to the appearance of a room, and have designed our porcelain wall tiles to help you achieve your dream look expression.

A wall slab could completely transform the decor, elevating the outlook of any space. Our porcelain slabs are book-matched, so you can more easily create a beautiful continuous pattern for the rooms of your choice. The expansive design is deliberate, creating a vast canvas with different motifs depending on your preferred slab.

Choose from our array of expressive wall facades, and apply them to any wall in your home or garden. Owing to the high temperatures and their composition, these slabs have a negligible water absorption rate and are heat and UV resistant. Hence they can be used as easily in shower walls, outdoor spaces like balconies and porches. Pick from our collection of designs and see the transformation that it brings to your home.

Contact us and ask about our wall decor, and begin your home transformation journey with your first purchase.