Nothing brings a kitchen or bathroom together as well as a great countertop does. It adds the convenience of a work surface while also making a statement of your taste. Depending on your countertop material of choice, you can go for sophistication, luxury, or the modern era’s simplicity. Builders and homeowners across the world like to choose from various options when deciding on house furnishings. We like to bring them this variety with a collection of the most elegant porcelain slabs.

As the times change, so do our tastes and preferences in household furnishing. It is not uncommon for people to make over the rooms in their homes. None can deny the satisfaction that comes from breathing new life into a living space. So the next time a stroke of inspiration hits to remodel your home, we have just the selection for you for porcelain countertops, kitchen islands and wall facade. From the 320cm by 80cm large slabs for countertops to the 320cm by 160cm extra large slabs for kitchen islands, all you need to select is your preferred design. Pick one from our extensive collection and bring your dream living space to life.

It is not enough to have an elegant-looking countertop in your home; it also needs to be very durable. This is your living space after all, and the prolonged use of a countertop space will always be a source of wear. The good news is that LAMAR Ceramics’ countertops are made through the most durable technology for porcelain slabs on the market. Rest assured that the high-end countertop of your choice will last a lifetime.